Development of young riders is a fundamental aspect of every sport.

AA Drink Young Lions

Since 1st January 2017, the Baloise Trek Lions have been working together with the AA Drink Young Lions. The AA Drink Young Lions were awarded the Gouden Wiel quality label by Cycling Vlaanderen, this quality label is an accreditation for those cycling clubs that offer structured youth activities.

The AA Drink Young Lions work with riders starting from the U13 category in a responsible manner. They are trained by skilled and motivated coaches, often in and around the Sven Nys Cycling Centre in Baal.

The team leaders of the Baloise Trek Lions are in close contact with the team leaders of the AA Drink Young Lions, which ensures that the riders are closely monitored and offered development opportunities. In return for Baloise Trek Lions scouting young talented riders, they will want to place that talent with the AA Drink Young Lions.

That way, riders do not have to be sign up to a professional team at a young age and they can take their time to grow, without skipping any steps. Both teams firmly believe that this way of working together reaps the best possible results in the long run.

Fun and Performance

First of all, AA Drink wants to promote sports and exercise among Belgium’s young people through its title partnership with the new AA Drink Young Lions. The nice array of talent in the team is synonymous with what sports can do for you from a young age, regardless of your exact age or level. It keeps you fit, helps you to make friends and creates wonderful opportunities for the future.

AA Drink mainly hopes to contribute by showing how the responsible consumption of sports nutrition can add to sport performance, especially among young athletes. They can still benefit hugely and acquire a lot of knowledge from the appropriate use of sports nutrition and sports drinks.

Sven Nys Academy

Allowing as many children as possible to experience the fun of off-road riding. That is the Sven Nys Academy’s aim. It’s not at all about performing, it’s about learning whilst having fun.

The Academy will teach you plenty of tips and tricks and will gradually lift you up to a higher (technical) level so that you can get even more enjoyment out of your bike afterwards. Another key part of our education is introducing children to traffic in a safe way.

The lessons are led by a team of instructors and Sven Nys. They teach them to steer and switch gears smoothly, use their balance, assess the course, tackle climbs and descents more easily and how to react rapidly to unexpected situations under all circumstances.


Our camps are open to everybody who likes cycling, regardless of the level you are at. On the first day, we look at the level you are at and you will then be allocated to a small group of a similar skill level.